Upgrades - Potential Issue


In the absence of multiple subscription levels in Supporter, I am setting up Upgrades to work in tandem with Supporter.

First question: Is there an ETA on Supporter adding multiple subscription levels?

If not, the problem I see is that Upgrades will enable someone to subscribe to an Upgrade with a longer term than their Supporter subscription. So I can imagine clients signing up for their Supporter status for 3 months, then subscribing to a 6-month quota upgrade or something like that. Then, if they let their Supporter status lapse, their Upgrades will be worthless (because all our accounts will be paid). So they'll want their money back on the Upgrades.

Is there a way to prevent people from signing up for Upgrades that last longer than their Supporter status?

I'd really love to see one plugin handle the basic subscriptions and upgrades...e.g., Supporter with multiple levels. Did I say that before? :wink: