Upgrading Appointment+

I have asked this question at least two times along with a couple of other questions. How do I upgrade the Appointment+ plugin without losing my settings and appointments data?

I have upgraded it twice through Wordpress, both times it deleted my database info.


  • Hakan


    If you *delete* appointments using wp admin, it will indeed remove all traces of it including database tables, settings, user metas and files added by it. If we don't make such a clean up we get complaints.

    The best method to update and also track new releases is installing our Dashboard plugin:
    This is the safest and the recommended method. Multiple updates of several plugins can be done with just one click.

    Another method is using FTP either by:
    1) Direct uploading/overwriting of all the files after unzipping the download package
    2) Deactivating the plugin (Not deleting!), removing appointments folder by FTP and then uploading the install package (without unzipping it) using Plugins>Add New>Upload

    Please note that this is applied to all of our plugins, it is not specific to Appointments+.


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