Upgrading Membership Premium to Membership 2 Pro

Good day. I have the most recent version of Membership Premium (Version installed on my WordPress website and want to upgrade to the Membership 2 Pro plugin.

I have two questions.

1) If I upgrade to Membership 2 Pro, will everything automatically work as it does today with Membership Premium? I have 400+ members who purchased memberships via PayPal to access special areas of my website. Will upgrading to Membership 2 Pro wipe all that out and make the members re-buy their memberships, and also make me re-do all my configurations with positive/negative rules, access levels, etc.?

2) I set up a staging site to install the Membership 2 Pro plugin just to see what happens. When I try to install it, I get an error saying "INSTALLATION FAILED! Installation of Membership 2 Pro failed. Most likely reason for this are wrong folder permissions of your wp-contents folder." I tried installing other plugins from WPMU and they worked fine. So it appears to be a problem installing just this Membership 2 Pro plugin. Is this because I still have the Membership Premium plugin installed and activated? Do I need to deactivate the Membership Premium plugin before I can install the Membership 2 Pro plugin? Or is there something else wrong?

I have granted you access to my staging site.

Thank you very much for your help.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey Nick,

    Hope you're doing well today :slight_smile:

    You can remove Membership Premium completely and after that you will be able to install Membership 2 Pro and first time you try to access its options it will show you import form where you will import settings and memberships from Membership Premium.

    After that part is finished there are couple adjustments needed as explained in M2 usage page:

    Best regards,

  • Nick

    Good day. I deactivated the Membership Premium plugin and tried to installed the Membership 2 Pro plugin, however I still get the error message:

    "INSTALLATION FAILED! Installation of Membership 2 Pro failed. Most likely reason for this are wrong folder permissions of your wp-contents folder."

    As I mentioned, I tried installing other WPMU plugins from the dashboard and it worked fine. So is this issue truly an issue with wrong folder permissions even though other plugins install correctly? Or is there a different issue?

    I granted access if you need to look.

    Thank you.

  • Nick

    Thank you. I understand now. I just ran the import and have a few clarification questions.

    1) In the older Membership Premium plugin, under Options > General Options, there was a setting called "Default Subscription for Registered Users", which was the default subscription that gets assigned to a registered user who does not have any access level. This meant that once a user registered, they were placed in a specific subscription, with limited access to the private web content, until he or she completed the purchasing process and paid for the membership access. This subscription also was the landing spot for members whose subscription expired after one-year. If the member did not renew after one-year, their account would still exist, but they would move to this default subscription until they purchased another year's membership. Does Membership 2 Pro still have this feature? Is there such thing as a default subscription for registered users who have not yet purchased a membership?

    2) The Membership 2 Pro plugin imported 220 members from the Membership Premium plugin. On the "All Members" page, it says 154 are active subscriptions and 66 have expired. Then on the "Billing" page, it says 260 Paid and 205 Draft. I don't understand the difference between these two pages. What are the 205 users in "Draft" and how is that different from "Paid"? And why are the numbers so different for the "All Members" page versus the "Billing" page?

    3) Continuing on my question above, on the "Billing" page, after clicking on "Paid", I see the Due Date is different for all the users. I assume this is tracking correctly, and if a user purchased a membership on May 4, 2016, then they won't have to pay again until May 4, 2017 (all my subscriptions go for one year.) Here's my confusion...under "Draft", every user has a Due Date listed as either July 22, 2016 or July, 2018. What does this mean?

    4) Finally, every user, whether I click their profile details from the "All Members" page or the "Billing" page (whether I choose Paid or Draft), under Edit Member, they ALL have a "Start Date" of today, July 22, 2016" and an "Expire Date" of July 22, 2017 (all the subscriptions I imported have a one-year duration.) They all have a note next to "Payment Type" that says "(until 2018-07-22)" What does this mean? If a user purchased a one-year membership in September 2015, their subscription should expire in September 2016 and they will need to pay for another year in September 2016. However, all the members now show a start date of today and an expire date of one year from today. Does that mean they don't have to pay again until one year from today? That's not good as the members who bought a membership in September 2015 need to renew in a few months, NOT next July. Am I not understanding this correctly?

    Thank you very much for our assistance.

  • Dimitris

    Hey there Nick,

    I hope you're doing good today and don't mind skipping in! :slight_smile:

    1) You can have such a membership, it's now called Default Membership. Simply go to Membership 2 -> Memberships -> Create New Membership and select Default Membership


    What are the 205 users in "Draft" and how is that different from "Paid"?

    These should be invoices not completed for some reason. I'll ping a plugin dev for more insights on this and I'll get to this ASAP.

    why are the numbers so different for the "All Members" page versus the "Billing" page?

    The difference is that under Billing you can see (and count) the invoices that your users have made. So the difference there is due to multiple subscriptions and/or recurring payments from users I guess. :wink:

    3,4) I can truly see these differences between members' listing and single member view. Searching our bug tracker I spotted a already known bug considering migration from M1 to M2. It creates some inconsistencies in expiration dates of members. I'll nag our Second Level Support guys again as it seems a pretty nasty bug and I'll let you know as soon as possible. For now, please keep an eye on this thread for any update. :slight_smile:

    Warm regards,

  • Dimitris

    Hey there Nick,

    I hope that you're having a beautiful day! :slight_smile:

    Also, will definitely check this thread daily to see about the bug with the start date and expiration date inconsistency.

    You can simply "subscribe to this topic" and you'll get notified by email whenever there's a new reply. :wink:

    How often does this plugin usually have bug releases?

    I really cannot estimate the time of this release. This really depends on the actual bug and the current work pressure that Second Level Support confront, as they have to keep up with multiple issues.

    Warm regards,

  • Dimitris

    Hey there Nick,

    hope you're doing good and thanks for your patience so far! :slight_smile:

    As our SLS guy Sabri Bouchaala is unable to replicate this issue in his test environment, could you please provide us with some server access to help him out?
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