Upgrading my Theme to the latest version broke the Slidetabs plugin

Upgrading my theme has broken a plugin I use called Slidetabs

I’m getting the following javascript error in my browser console when I try to add a new tab:

TypeError: settings.data is
. . . /wp-content/themes/enfold/framework/js/conditional_load/avia_google_maps_widget.js?ver=1.0.0
Line 27

It seems to be an issue with the theme/framework (Enfold). It’s causing a conflict with the Ajax function that adds a new tab editor.

But I don't know how to address this issue.


  • Michael
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Thanx Vaughan,

    Yes to both. The plugin developer is the one who mentioned the above issue, and said it was a theme issue. He was actually very helpful.

    So I contacted the theme developer, still waiting to hear back. Really need to fix this.

    If anyone is willing to take this on as a freelance gig, just message me and let me know what you'd charge for it, as I'd be

    more than happy to pay for help with this one.


  • Michael
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Guess no one was up for earnin' a coupla duckets :slight_smile: No worries though. Issue has been resolved, with a quick workaround.

    For anyone that might be experiencing a similar issue, just rename the offending .js so it doesn't load. Even if you need that javascript functionality, it will at least be a quick way to test/confirm which one is causing the issue.

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