'Upgrading' to Coursepress Pro 2.0.6 caused complete chaos with students

So I 'upgraded' Coursepress Pro to 2.0.6 and the owner of the sub-site using it complained to me that suddenly all students who had taken a course were locked out of being able to review. I took a look and indeed noticed that there were big problems.

Rolled back Courspress Pro to 2.0.5, which had been working just fine. Seemed to solved many of the issues but am now getting reports from certified students that they are locked out of random modules in the course.

This is hugely time consuming and very poor. Can someone please let me know where in the database I can unlock a student's ability to see a module when they are certified?

Wordpress' schema leaves a lot to be desired so any assistance in figuring out how to do this at the database level would be appreciated.