Upgrading to the latest dashboard gives Project Auto-Upgrade ERRORS

Hello all,
Just noticed that after upgrading to the latest dashboard on a single wordpress 4.4.1 site, we got these errors:

Jan 14, 10:37:22	WPMU DEV error: Upgrade failed - error 1
Jan 14, 10:37:22	[WPMU DEV Dashboard Info] Project Auto-Upgrade result for 119: Failed...
Jan 14, 10:37:23	WPMU DEV error: Upgrade failed - error 1
Jan 14, 10:37:23	[WPMU DEV Dashboard Info] Project Auto-Upgrade result for 119: Failed...
Jan 14, 10:37:23	WPMU DEV error: Upgrade failed - error 1
Jan 14, 10:37:23	[WPMU DEV Dashboard Info] Project Auto-Upgrade result for 119: Failed...
Jan 14, 10:37:24	WPMU DEV error: Upgrade failed - error 1
Jan 14, 10:37:24	[WPMU DEV Dashboard Info] Project Auto-Upgrade result for 119: Failed...

I have disabled auto updating and everything seems to be fine.
Just thought to let you know anyway.

have a great day,

  • marikamitsos

    @Michael Bissett Hi Michael,

    it looks like they're referring to our WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin,

    Yes it does. :slight_smile:

    ...what version of our Dashboard plugin did you upgrade from?

    Just from previous to next (4.0 -->4.0.1).
    We later (after my post here and after disabling auto-updates) upgraded to 4.0.2 but didn't get any errors.
    So I guess there is an issue with the auto-update feature. We haven't enabled it yet so we cannot be sure. :slight_frown:
    Anyway, you can probably still look into it.


  • petemaster5000

    I had/have the same problem on Multi-site... after upgrade I was unable to log into the dashboard at all... so I removed the plugin folder: wpmudev-updates/ . That got me into the dashboard, everthing working. Next from the wp network admin, I installed the latest verions of WPMUDEV Dashboard (4.0.4). Doing that gave me the "Plugin installed successfully." message, and next I clicked 'network activate' per the instructions... and it seems to have hung up again... it wont complete (been over 10 min now without any 500 error or anything)... status bar just says "Waiting for..."

    Anyone know what's going on? Should I simply not use WPMUDEV Dashboard at all, since I don't really need it ??

    (I'm brand new using WPMUDEV, and this is the first issue I've run into with it, so please pardon my lack of knowledge about it)

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @TattooCloud,

    This would be something to tackle in a separate thread, seeing as marikamitsos's issue has been resolved here, could you open your own thread for this please?


    We do ask that members open their own tickets in our Getting Support guide, that can be reviewed over here:


    (also has some other useful information to help get the most out of your membership here at WPMU DEV)

    Thanks for your understanding, hope you have a great weekend! :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

  • Tony G

    PMJI here. I was struggling to fix the same issue. A search led me here. I can't be positive that the same search will lead me to some other thread - there might not be another thread. So when a solution is available it's always helpful to have the details available, rather than a suggestion to go look elsewhere. I completely understand and support the recommendation for someone to open their own thread. But if we do a search and don't find a solution in a thread that reports the issue, there is a high likelihood that a new thread will be created when it's not necessary. That's just a waste of time for everyone. Just sayin...

    So: I was getting these errors in my php-errors.log:

    WPMU DEV error: Upgrade failed - U001. Enabling Maintenance mode…
    The plugin is at the latest version.
    Disabling Maintenance mode…
    [WPMUDEV Info] Project Auto-Upgrade result for 119: Failed...

    I removed the folder /wp-content/plugins/wpmudev-updates as suggested earlier (thank you VERY much!!). I was then able to login to wp-admin. On going to the plugins page I found this message:

    Important updates are available for your WPMU DEV plugins/themes. Install the free WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin now for updates and support! Install WPMU DEV Dashboard

    So I clicked the Install button and everything was fine afterward (still needed to update themes and other plugins). Issue resolved!

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey Tony,

    You're pardoned (hadn't heard of PMJI before, and I've run into a bunch of 'em!). :smiley:

    I'll take your "just sayin", and raise it with an explanation, seems fair I should offer one. :slight_smile:

    Regarding the posting on another's thread, where an issue he's running into matches up with yours, the thought I've run into among people is "if they're already diagnosing the same problem I'm having, why shouldn't I just ask if my problem can be fixed too?"

    The reason? It can make things awfully messy. Sites are more like PCs, in that the configurations of them (not just from a plugin & theme perspective, but other aspects, like server configuration) can vary wildly. Yes, some members can have a very close configuration, but what are the chances of that? Not too large.

    And one only has to look to the WordPress.org forums to see the kind of mess multiple people jumping into the same thread can cause. As a quick disclaimer, I'm not being critical of those who have to manage those forums, I'm only highlighting behavior of some users that have asked for support over there.

    We keep things separate on here so that we can make the sorting out of an issue for a particular member efficient, as having to juggle more than one member just bogs things down, and makes us (and you, the member) sad, frustrated, and confused.

    Now, with all of that said, here's the exception to that... you have a solution (like what you've posted here). :slight_smile:

    And that's something we acknowledge in that support article I linked to (my emphasis in italics):

    Don’t hijack someone else’s ticket unless you’re able to help with the issue at hand

    The short version of this long post of mine is:
    - If you're running into the same issue, and are needing a solution, please open a thread of your own, so we can get you sorted in a jiffy.
    - If you've run into an issue you see another member having, and have a solution to offer, by all means, chip in! We like that! :slight_smile:

    Hope you're doing well this weekend Tony, and thanks for providing opportunity to clarify this! :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

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