Upload a mess. I didn't change anything..

here is a great picture of evidence to enable us to get to the source of where I can change the settings for uploads. It never has been 15 mb and where can I change these values. Thanks. Perhaps that is what is on the Engine x Right? Please inform.. they told me they set it to 250 MB. Liars? or just wierd S.O.B. meddlers? Thanks.

  • ITsupport


    Greenlight is just a post I said. Yes I use all your stuff, I'm not here to bug you guys, I actually like everything you do and have more respect for you than you will know and probably more than most people.

    Once again, could we not mention words like "B..." because they garner attention I don't want in that direction. further they defeat the whole purpose of the selling point you guys sold me on.. branding etc. Yes. Further, no... That is not "B.." In fact I am branded by contract and it is CLCShare Cloud. I don't know what the heck the other company you mention is.

    The uploading, I forgot normal uploads to the Wall are not working. Can we start thinking outside the box here, no pun intended, the wall doesn't work for uploads, the pics for the Cloud don't upload. But regular uploads to media library do.

    I would like to get Michael's look at this again. He wrote the line of code pointing to ms-files.php. I am thinking is a logical order of things. If everything points to MS Files php it would figure that when CLCShare Cloud uploads a file it is looking to upload to the other "place" a normal install wants to upload to. What is that place? Same as the Wall, the wall is calling for a certain place via code that the wall. It seems a logical argument here and easy to trace if we work together.

  • Tyler Postle


    As I mentioned before, we work through feeds from oldest to newest, if we haven't responded yet then you can bet we are working our way towards your thread :slight_smile: re-posting won't make that go any faster.

    As for your issue, thanks for the explanation. Would you be able to grant support access so I can login and have a look. I see you might have sent credentials into Michael before? He's not online right now so I'm unable to ask him. Hopefully granting access is okay. I can let Michael know about this thread for when he is back online too so we can see what he thinks :slight_smile: in the meantime, I'm happy to have a look once I can login and have a look at your settings/test out the upload.

    Talk to you soon!


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