Upload a xml.tar backup file from pc to a Wordpress Instance?

My server is 'messed up' and the 'suport team' a 'chocolate fire guard' where Wordpress is concerned!!!

I have a backup file (on my pc) which is in xml.tar form.

How can I restore my site using this, please?

Is there a plugin method for quick response to site loss with such a file?!!

Apart from getting a repair,I need a strategy for future prombems?

Thanks in advance.


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Johnv,

    Hope you're doing well today and thanks for your question!

    Did you take the backup with cPanel? You can restore it with cPanel too, in the same place the backup function is :slight_smile:

    It will ask you to upload the file back.

    What exactly happened to your site? I'm asking just to make sure that when you restore the site that the same issue doesn't happen again.

    Look forward to hearing back John!

    All the best,

    PS. Knowing the issue will also help us come up with a strategy to reduce future problems too :slight_smile:

  • john

    Hi Tyler.

    The site is on a Parallels Linux server.

    The back-up I have is one automatically creater by the backup facility, which I then down loaded to my pc!

    The server will not upload it, along with other malfunctions. The Server Support, via ticket which takes days of written debate, is telling me to use ftp, (which is a quick fix for them) and a little cumbersome (with Parallels)and not what I am paying them for.

    So I have a server which will not upload, and they are not inclined to fix!!!!

    So I am moving to a new hosting provider for lots of other service provision reasons too!!!!

    However, my previous experiences have taught me that I need a rapid repair arrangement which is under my control. I would like to be able to re-install when the need arises (from my pc etc) in the future. Plus, at the moment do a current restore, while avoiding a trouble-some server as much as possible.

    Hope this explains OK?



  • aristath

    Hello again @john,

    .tar files are simply compressed files (similar to zip files). It seems like in that tar file you just have an xml file, is that correct?
    Is that xml an export of your WordPress posts? You mentioned that the backup was "automatically creater by the backup facility", however we don't know what facility you're talking about!
    Is it something inside your WordPress dashboard? Or are you talking about something managed by your host? If it was created from WordPress then you will probably be able to get your content back.
    If it was created by some software on your server then the only way to restore it would be using identical software on another server.

    My advise would be to first download a backup of your database and all your files, then move to another host, and try to troubleshoot it there...

    I hope that helps!


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