Upload videos from BP Activity feed like Facebook

Hey. I'm wanting to cultivate membership in my site; and allow people to upload videos easily like they do on Facebook. However, i'm concerned about distribution and bandwidth.

I realize that beings are trained to simply upload videos up to FB, and I need a solution that matches this on my own site. I am wondering how to link such things into an Amazon/Cloudfront possibility and would like to know other options.

Essentially, what i'm asking for is that videos can be uploaded via my BP Activity Feed (i'm using WPMUDEV Activity+); that don't clog my server resources (i'm using WPENGINE).

I'm just learning the particulars of this. Please advise.

  • Rupok

    Hey Griffin

    Hope you are having a wonderful day.

    I'm afraid, you can't *upload* videos on your server with BuddyPress Activity Plus with the current version. It's not confirmed that we won't provide this facility in future, but currently it's not available. However, if you want, I can move this to our Features and Feedback section. The more people liking the idea, the more chances our developers will work on it.

    After searching, I've found another third party plugin which seems to have the facility to upload videos from the activity feed: http://buddydev.com/mediapress/

    But as it's a third party plugin, I don't know the coding architecture of this plugin. So can you please discuss it with them about how you can integrate your video service with the video uploading system?

    You are right about your plan. If you can integrate your video hosting service with this video uploading feature, then all videos will be served from the video hosting, and it won't clog your server resources in WPENGINE.

    Please let us know if you have any further confusion. We will be glad to help.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

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