Uploading files to poedit and translating them after update plugin

I can not upload files to poedit i got a message the file is corrupted? can you tell me what i must do? i need to use poedit because there is an update for membership plugin which means that my translated dutch language files will be overwrited by the original english ones. Can you tell me how to use poedit in order to have the duch translation again. If i understand it well i must first open the new englisch membership-en_EN.po with poedit and then go to catalogus/edit from pot file and select there the old dutch pot file membership-nl_NL.pot that i had stored this will translate membership-en_EN.po with the old membership-nl_NL.pot file and keep the new strings that a can manualy translate is that correct?

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    yes, that's pretty much spot on.

    If you use poedit you can just merge If you use poedit you can just merge the new translation files with your translated file.
    1. Keep a copy of your translated .po file somewhere other than in the plugin directory which gets wiped on an update. rename it to pluginname-backup.pot (t for translated.
    2. After an update copy your .pot file to the languages directory.
    3. Open the .pot file with poedit
    4. In Catalog chose Update from POT file. When it asks you for a file name chose your new .po file that came with the plugin.
    5. Update any new string translations.
    6 Save your .pot file which will also create a *.mo file for you.
    7. Name as appropriate for your language.
    8. Save your modified .pot file till next time.the new translation files with your translated file.

    hope this helps.

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