Uploading multiple markers and posts

Hello folks!

I'm trying to upload several posts and its locations trough a csv file. (with Really Simple CSV Importer)
Which are the custom fields needed in these posts to be added to a map.
The thing I'd like to achieve is to pin 200 places into a map, with its own description in a post.

I've read the instructions, and I've sen how to mashup them, but I haven't figured out how to bulk upload all the maps.

Thanks for your help!

  • Luis N

    Thanks Tyler!
    Let me try to clarify this.

    1.-I have 200 places and I'd like to create one post per location.
    2.- I'd like to include a map showing the location in each post.

    I can create all these posts with a csv importer using
    post_name post_author post_date post_type post_status post_title post_content etc.

    I'd like to create the maps in bulk as well adding the required fields to the csv: Lat, longitude, location name etc. I just do not know how to upload all this information to the database and relate each map to a post.

    I'm positive that it is possible to upload several maps to wordpress at once, by knowing the right fields. Unfortunately I'm not very fund of databases :wink:

    So in the end we might have a simple cvs file to create unlimited map listings the easy way :smiley:

    What do you think?

  • Jake

    Hi Luis,

    I checked with my colleagues and something like this would be very difficult because of how the plugin stores the data in the tables. I also tried coming up with a process using the custom fields settings from the plugin and its integration with Custompress to define the latitude and longitude. However, the approach I had in mind would require you to define the values from within the shortcode so you could place the shortcodes in their respective areas in the csv for the post to display the map. BUT, this would require custom code and isn't currently possible through the available options.

    So to answer your question, getting the post to place a map inside itself from a csv import is quite beyond the plugin's capabilities at this point. However, I'm going to flag our resident coding experts just in case they have an effective workaround for you.


  • Luis N

    Thanks Jake! I appreciate a lot the team's effort :smiley:

    I tried this:
    I imported some posts and I included some custom fields based on the plugin instructions:

    The Custom Fields settings allow you to set specific Longitude and Latitudes, which when found in a post will automatically create a Google Map in it’s place. Which in combination with the default alignment and size settings mentioned earlier, can be quite the powerful tool for showing locations on your website!

    Unfortunately the maps where not created. I guess the custom fields have a particular name or form.

    Despite being unsuccessful, this might be an easy alternative if we can find out how to name the custom field.

  • aristath

    Hello again @Luis N, I hope you're well today!

    The Google maps plugins does not use the default WordPress tables in the database... It has a custom db table called "wp_agm_maps". The plugin creates the maps there, and then they are added in the posts using a shortcode.
    Longitude, latitude etc are NOT stored as custom fields. The custom tables in the db resemble more a custom post type. So the process is somewhat (though not exactly) like this:
    Map points resemble a custom post type with an ID etc.
    When you want to add a map to a post, you add a shortcode with the ID of that map in your post. That "links" these 2 together so that they can now be displayed on a map.

    This makes it impossible to function the way you want it to...

    My advise would be to simply test all available map plugins available out there and find one that saves the data you need as custom fields inside the post itself.


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