Uploading users and bulk adding subscriptions

I'm working with the Membership plugin, but want to use it in a slightly different way. What I'm trying to build isn't content an individual would pay to access, a company would. What I'd like to do is bulk upload the users and at the same time add them to the relevant subscription level. And for notifications, only have the system send an email that they've been invited into the system and to click and create a password (or have it send with one).

I'm checking before I get too far down the line. This is in part because I've noticed in a few conversations people can't have multiple subscriptions - is that true? Mine would probably need to be built that way because people progress through levels of training, but each needs content specific to their course group (i.e. same level training - specific information for the date they took their training) - otherwise I'd end up basically needing to create a subscription for each individual in some instances.

Any thoughts would be helpful! We are running BuddyPress as well so if there is functionality within groups that could let us put the course specific information there - might work! Thanks!

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    Hi @Heather,

    Unfortunately there isn't a direct way to bulk upload subscriptions for users. You could however manually assign a subscription to an existing member from the admin interface.

    Multiple subscriptions are possible. The user would simply need to complete the signup process a second time with the same account and another subscription would be added. There have been some improvements to this process, so it's possible that older threads were referring to an older version.

    To get what you're looking for would ultimately require a good bit of custom development. Otherwise it would need to be done manually per user account. If you're looking to hire a developer, with your WPMU DEV account you have access to post a listing on WPMU Jobs.

    Thanks for being a WPMU DEV member. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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    Thanks for the info about multiple subscriptions. I discovered the batch create plugin so I've implemented that to bulk upload people and cutstomized the automatic email it sends out. Will just have to assign them to subscriptions manually as you said but it doesn't seem to take that long. Luckily going forward it's only in groups of about 18 so I've got to function well enough for now given our needs.

    Good to know about the WPMU jobs area. Perhaps in the future there will be a way to have batch create and membership work together? Membership is a really useful tool, just tricky if you're using it for membership protected content in a way people don't really pay or register for as individuals.


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    Thanks for the update, and your feedback! I'm glad to hear you've got something worked out to be able to proceed here.

    I know there aren't plans for batch create to integrate with Membership at the moment. This is more because batch create was designed for Multisite situations where you need blogs created as well. Something like this would likely be a separate add-on for Membership if it were to be created at some point.

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