Upsells and promotions within courses

Hey guys, I'm building a membership site for my client. It's mainly a paid-subscription for private pages/blog posts, as well as "courses" (video player page). We were looking at for their options for promotions. Are able to create customer journeys with Membership Pro, such as:
1 - buy a one-month subscription
2 - upsell a discounted year subscription
3 - upsell a discount price for a course

Is this possible with WPMU? Thanks in advance!

  • Vaughan

    Hi Guillermo,

    Hope you're well?

    #1 Yes, membership allows you to create plans with daily/monthly/yearly & date range subscriptions.

    #2 There are no upsell options in membership. However, discounts can be created by creating coupons which the user can use when they sign up or upgrade to a new plan.

    #3 There aren't upsell options in coursepress that provide discounts, but in conjunction with the marketpress plugin which has built in integration with Coursepress, you can enable payments with marketpress in the Coursepress settings.

    This will then allow you to create coupons which users can use with their payment when they purchase a course.

    Hope this helps

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