Uptime gives false positive.

Our site R**en.as is shown as Down in The Hub. We have recently added SSL to the site via a plugin. I am getting a warning of downtime in the dashboard. But the site works fine. Please help.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Ralph

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    The "downtime reason" you're getting in our Uptime check is "Missing Intermediate Certificate(s)". That points to SSL issues.

    What we're doing to check whether the site's online, is that we "ping" it by making a cURL "header only" request to it: in other words we're trying to load the homepage but only response headers, not the entire page. That request is returning the error. You can also confirm that e.g. using "online curl" tool here:


    If you put the full URL of your site (with https:// prefix) there and select "--head (I)" option from "Add option" setting, you'll get this message:

    Since you're using Let's Encrypt cert for site, that won't be a problem in most cases for visitors. That is because browsers do cache intermediate certificates so they are able to "make up" for known and trusted providers (that's a bit simplified explanation tho). But the problem is still there, I'm afraid.

    I also checked your site with the SSL test tool here: https://ssllabs.com/ssltest That test confirms that "This server's certificate chain is incomplete".

    The bottom line is, that points back to the server. You have mentioned during the chat that you had to enable SSL on WP with a plugin, instead of the server. I assume you mean Really Simple SSL plugin but that's just a "workaround" for several issues such as mixed content errors etc. It doesn't really enable or rather install SSL certificate itself and that is what is wrong here.

    The certificate itself is installed on a server it it looks like that was not done properly. I'd strongly recommend getting in touch with the host again so they would double-check that. This article might be helpful in solving the issue:


    Kind regards,

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