Uptime giving a false positive.

Inside the hub, uptime is showing site down when in fact it is up. Other tools also showing it right but not the hub. Please check and help.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello marmoset

    I hope you're well today!

    Have you been switching the site to SSL (from http:// to https://) recently by any chance?

    It seems that while the site loads over HTTPS connection it's registered as non-SSL site with The Hub and checking that non-SSL address explicitly (which is what Uptime does as it takes site address from what's registered in The Hub) doesn't return expected "200" HTTP status.

    That's one of the possible reasons here so to confirm it you'd need to make sure that the site is actually configured to work over SSL. In case of WordPress it means that even if you have some redirects set, you must have also following options set on "Settings -> General" page in site's back-end

    WordPress Address (URL)
    Site Address (URL)

    to start with "https://" prefix instead of "http://" prefix as it currently seems to be.

    Could you please start with adjusting this, then clear all caches on site and server (if there are any) and see if that solves the Uptime issue?

    Let me know about results, please.

    Kind regards,

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi marmoset,

    When you set your site URL to use HTTPS in Settings > General panel in your WP admin then HUB should also see the site with HTTPS.

    However, it seems that you're having different issues with your sites than that.
    I have run a test of your above-mentioned site on Uptrends and GeoPeeker tools and there were multiple locations that were unable to load your site (check attached screenshots).
    Uptime also reports the site as down if the load time is longer than 30 seconds and as you can see from Uptrends screenshot there are a lot of locations close to that limit.

    I would suggest discussing this with your hosting provider so they can check the server logs and see why it's taking so much time to load because I don't see any resources on your homepage that would require such large loading times.

    Best regards,

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi marmoset,

    Uptime uses these two IPs so whitelisting them should resolve the issue if the IPs were blocked:

    However, I doubt that this is the issue because I'm still getting poor scores when checking the site status on uptrend tool.

    Even when IPs are whitelisted, if the site is taking up more than 30 seconds to load then it will report the site as down.

    Did you ask your host about Uptrends status because lower time there was 12 seconds, which is also the loading time I'm getting when I access your site?

    You can try installing Hummingbird plugin to setup page caching and asset optimization in order to speed up your site and hopefully, that will show your site as up for Uptime as well.

    Best regards,

  • marmoset

    Hi Predrag
    I have just sent a ticket to our server co; I realised that the server the sites were on were subjected toa masssive DDOS attack on Jan 3; all the Uptime stats on your system is saying that the sites have been down since that time, so the two issues are defintely related.

    I have given them your uptime IPs and will let you know what they come back with.

    FYI, it is not a single site that is showing as down, it is every site we are monitoring with your Uptime system.


  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi marmoset,

    Are all of the sites running on the same server?
    If there was a DDoS attack it's possible Uptime was blacklisted as it was also sending multiple requests during that time.
    So if that was the case and your sites are running on the same server it should be resolved when the above-mentioned IPs are whitelisted again.

    Let us know what your host has responded.

    Best regards,

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