[Uptime in The Hub] Uptime notification management

There's a single switch in Uptime to enable or disable the uptime monitoring and notifications. For some sites that go down frequently, I would like to just disable notifications so I don't get emails every few minutes. I'd be happy to rely on the reporting in The Hub.

Can you please add an option to disable the email notifications?

  • Tony G
    • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

    I still have too many sites in shared space, and for whatever reason, all at once, Uptime detects that they're all down and I get a a flurry of email for all of them - as well as notifications here on this site.

    Every good warning system at some point needs enhancements to turn down the volume, aggregate messages, and/or adjust its behaviour to recognize that a higher level problem is in play. In other words, after sending a few emails, Uptime should realize that "something serious is up here", and continue to log events, but just send a final notification:

    "You have a number of sites that are going down. Emails will no longer be sent on this event. A single final email will be sent when all sites are up again, or before that if emails are re-activated in the Hub".

  • splaquet
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    I have around 100 or so sites in the hub. ...well, I had that many. (They reset my hub to fix an error and they all cleared out. Still rebuilding them now.)

    I obviously want the monitor active, but I receive about 50 emails saying down, then back up. Most of my sites are on a tiered CloudLinux/CageFs system with different resource allotments. It's not uncommon for one to hit it's limit and throttle, taking it offline for a quick few seconds/minute. When a service is reset or goes down, I receive a MASSIVE slew of emails.

    My hosting instances are mostly split up between 4 servers. I'd be super nice if I could classify the accounts within the hub, assigning them to the various servers. 1 email with a DIFFERENT subject line would suffice!

    ideally, I'd like:
    - a DIFFERENT sending email for UP/DOWN notification emails (so I can set a VIP notification on my iPhone, for alerts)
    - server groups, for account assignments
    - limited emails, then 1 summary email (subject: Multiple DOWN failures have been reported). Defender has an email setting like this, where you can check off the box to limit the amount of emails during an attack.
    - a graph/monitor 1 page to show UP/DOWN reports for accounts/server groups

    I've submitted a feature request for some of these items before, then they released "the new hub"... but i'm not really seeing any difference between the new hub and the old hub :disappointed:

  • Dimitris
    • Support Star

    Hey there all! :slight_smile:

    Really appreciate the feedback here, turning off emails is something that has been requested again in the past, even though it doesn't make much sense for an uptime service.
    I can still hear you and your requests though, so I've shared this with our team.
    For the case of multiple sites in one server, you can simply enable Uptime Monitor for the top level domain, as the service simply pings the server.

    Warm regards,

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