UPTIME Keeps Reporting Sites Are Down When They Are Not

Greetings and great gesticulations!

I am trying to move our UPTIME monitoring to WPMUDEV's UPTIME but it's beginning to cry wolf. (We are receiving emails that the websites are down, but they are not down.) Is there anything that I can do on our end to fine tune UPTIME or are we just in an odd predicament?

I will state this: All sites are on the same server but are not all reported down at the same time. Some sites have IPv6+IPv4 and some are only IPv4. All sites except one are standard WordPress where one site is our WPMU testing. Again, the sites have not gone down according to our logs, other reporting agencies, etc.

I'll be happy just to know if there is a known bug or the ability to fine-tune. However, we'll have to forego the UPTIME service if it continues to cry wolf.

I am not sure on how to give access or if I need to go into every last site and give access or how we shall proceed, so I will await an answer with baited breath and think of the long gone years of sitting at the computer at 1 AM with a bag of Dorito's while drinking straight from a 2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew. The poor ball on the mouse would flinch at the site of a crumb.