Uptime Monitor shows website down when it's up and running perfectly

The hub is showing that http://www.artbyandrea.co.uk is down when it's up and running perfectly.

I remember you guys taking Uptime Monitor down, previously, because it wasn't providing accurate results. Are you still having the same problem?



  • Jayman Pandya
    • Recruit

    Hi Steve - Just Think BiG,

    The way Uptime monitor works is that it pings the homepage of the website at pre-defined intervals (roughly about every 2 mins) and if the response time takes longer than 30 seconds, the site is flagged as down in Uptime triggering a notification. Other factors that flag the site as down are 30x, 40x, 50x responses.

    If none of the above reasons are flagging then there is also a possibility that the site is facing bottlenecks due to possible DNS issues and is taking longer than 30 seconds to load. This can be tested, diagnosed and fixed by running tests on Pingdom Tools.

    As of now there is no way to adjust the polling times and timeout timings with Uptime Monitor.

    Please respond to this thread if you have any other queries. I will be glad to assist you with them.

    Thank you

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