Uptime Monitoring is way too sensitive

Hey there,

Just wanted to tell you that you seem to have a problem with false positive for your uptime monitoring feature, at least on my end.

I keep receiving emails telling me a website is down (all websites, not a specific one), so I check and it's not down (but I don't get the "website is up again" mail in between, I only get this one much later).

I've been checking this issue many times on many different websites before reporting it.

It's not a big deal, but it's a shame, because with so many false alarm the uptime monitoring doesn't mean anything anymore, and become useless.

Do you think there is a technical problem somewhere, or is your monitoring just way too sensitive ?

Isn't there a way to at least adjust the sensitivity, so for exemple I can be warned only after a 15 min or 60 min downtime ?

Cause sometimes I receive like 20 emails telling me my websites are down, and they aren't when I check…

Any thoughts ?

Thanks a lot,