Uptime outages

I am getting short but regular downtime on most of my sub domains., but not main domain. Each subdomain is getting about 3-7 outages over a 24hr period. They are not going down together, so the server must be ok (right?).

I have contacted server support, but they don't understand the issue – they say my sites are pinging ok. Should I be able to see outages in error logs or something?

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello Tony

    When you say subdomain and main domain, do you mean subsite and main site? And are you using domain mapping? If so, then one issue would be DNS issue.

    If not, then the sites you are getting downtime, do you have managed backup enabled for those sites? If so, what is the frequency?

    Please let me know about these. Have a nice day!



  • Tony
    • New Recruit

    I don’t know if the domains are mapped. I have a main site icelandaurora then subsites phototours.icelandaurora guides.icelandaurora etc.

    These subsites (domains) are the ones with regular short outages. I also get sporadic loading issues.

    Backups are set to weekly, but I haven’t been able to run any yet due to max_execution_time limit. Snapshot complains that it is 30, but I have checked and it is set to 180!!

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Tony

    Thanks for your response!

    Judging by the addresses (domains) it would seem to be a regular sub-domain based Multisite. But I'm a little confused here. I can see these sites that you mentioned registered with your WPMU DEV account – separately, reported as a standard single installs.

    So, it looks on my end like these were separate sites and not a multisite. If that's indeed a Multisite, that might be related to the case. Would you mind enabling support access to your install so I could take a closer look at it?

    Let me know when it's active.

    Best regards,


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