Uptime reporting downtimes but the sites are up

Every day i get email alerts. when it first started it scared me so i would rush over to the site, but they are never down or offline.

A down alert email is sent and about 3 minutes later another email alert says that it is back up.

  • Lindeni Mahlalela

    Hello Joseph,

    I hope you are well today. I am sorry about the inconvenience cause by the up time monitor.

    I know this does happen from time to time and it is not a false result as the up time monitor measures how your site responds to queries. The site does not have to be 100% inaccessible in order to be considered down but as long as it is not responding to queries. Let's say for example, up time monitor queries your site and at that particular time your site does not respond or returns a timeout error then up time monitor will consider it down.

    Unfortunately that is how most up time bots work, they measure the responses from your website and compares it to some benchmarks and makes the decisions from there, let's say for example the website does not respond in 30 seconds, then it will be considered to be down. If then you rush to your website and it responds then it does not mean it was not down when the up time monitor reported it to be down.

    You should not worry about this, but in fact consider it as a wake up call as the up time monitor is telling you something is not going right on your site at that time, it may be that your website is timing out, very slow or not accessible at all. This may happen if and when your server is reaching its resource limits but when it recovers it gets back to normal.

    I hope this helps you understand but please do let us know if you have any further queries.


  • zulu11

    Hello, I hope you don't mind me chiming in here, I am also experiencing the same issue as Joseph on a number of different websites with different hosting.

    One of them is on a well resourced VPS with inmotion and every time I check I cannot see a problem? I use another up time solution for the same site and receive no downtime reports?

    When you say consider it as a wake up call, how would you suggest we track down the issue (assuming there is one)

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have.

  • Lindeni Mahlalela

    Hi zulu11,

    I hope you are doing great today, thank you for reporting this to us and sorry for the inconveniences you are experiencing. Would you please let us know the specific error you are receiving from Uptime, the developer said if it is 403 then its because your website is blocking the servers checking the your website.

    Please share the specific error message received in the email from the uptime monitor. The error should be included in the email in the following format:

    Our systems have detected that your site - https://yourdomain.com/
    - went down on Jul 28, 2017 10:15pm and is returning "Socket timeout.."

    Please share this error with us so we will be in a good position to advice you with the specific issue encountered by uptime monitor on your website.

    I hope t hear back from you soon.

    Have a nice day.

    • Lindeni Mahlalela

      Hello zulu11

      I hope you are doing great today. I am extremely sorry for the delayed response here I must have missed the notification about your response, I am so sorry. Thank you for the feedback.

      Connection was reset - means the site was too busy or overloaded and as a result could not server the page. This means when Uptime monitor pinged your site, there server dropped the connection before sending a proper response to Uptime monitor. This can be due to a high server load or a networking error, its more likely to be the high server load.

      Connection was refused - means the web server rejected the connection from Uptime monitor, which basically means Uptime bot was denied to connect. This may be due to blacklisting or firewall rules. Your host may be able to give you information about how they block/blacklist bots, it may be due to the frequency at which Uptime Bot pings your site, if it's configured to be very frequent then the firewall on your website may "think" its an attack and tell the server to refuse the connection. This may in turn result in Uptime Bot "thinking" your website is not available and hence report it as DOWN.

      Not found - means the requested URL was not found. This is also common when the server has rate limits on the connections. For some requests it may reply with a 404 status which means resource was not found or 500 which means internal server error. I have seen this on one host that limit the number of requests per file on a website, if the limit has been reached for a specific file the server would respond with a 404 error resulting in the "Not Found" error which will then be reported by Uptime Bot as a website down alert.

      All these responses depend on how the web server responds to specific requests and how the Firewall was configured if any. For security, most hosts have limits on the number of requests a specific IP can make on a web server, if those limits are reached then the connection can be refused or served with a 404 or timeout error.

      I hope this makes sense. Please let us know if you need any further information.

      Have a nice day.

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