Uptime reporting downtimes but the sites are up

Every day i get email alerts. when it first started it scared me so i would rush over to the site, but they are never down or offline.

A down alert email is sent and about 3 minutes later another email alert says that it is back up.


    Hello Joseph,

    I hope you are well today. I am sorry about the inconvenience cause by the up time monitor.

    I know this does happen from time to time and it is not a false result as the up time monitor measures how your site responds to queries. The site does not have to be 100% inaccessible in order to be considered down but as long as it is not responding to queries. Let's say for example, up time monitor queries your site and at that particular time your site does not respond or returns a timeout error then up time monitor will consider it down.

    Unfortunately that is how most up time bots work, they measure the responses from your website and compares it to some benchmarks and makes the decisions from there, let's say for example the website does not respond in 30 seconds, then it will be considered to be down. If then you rush to your website and it responds then it does not mean it was not down when the up time monitor reported it to be down.

    You should not worry about this, but in fact consider it as a wake up call as the up time monitor is telling you something is not going right on your site at that time, it may be that your website is timing out, very slow or not accessible at all. This may happen if and when your server is reaching its resource limits but when it recovers it gets back to normal.

    I hope this helps you understand but please do let us know if you have any further queries.