Uptime says site is down and it's online for me

Uptime says site is down and it’s online for me. I was wondering what the issue could be? The server did just update and restart and I had to go through a few things to get my WordPress installation back online. (nothing too intricate though) Could this perhaps messed with the communication?

dudedope.com <— that’s the website. (forced https:// thru wp plugin)

also to add, I am using a Bitnami WordPress AMI using AWS. Ubuntu 16.04 I believe

  • Drew
    • Cache Me Outside

    howdy! I meant to say the uptime feature in The Hub. It says its down there. But I will check uptime.com!


    to add, this is the response I get to re-check the status of the site in The Hub.


    Unavailable for 1h 48m


    Data Range

  • DigiBlueArc
    • The Crimson Coder

    HI Drew, I’m experiencing the same thing that has only started in the last week and not with all my domains. I have randomly checked as the alert came in by pinging the server and checking other domains on the same server. All other domains were working, the domain with the offline alert was working and there is no downtime listed in my cPanel/whm or in the logs.

    Nothing has changed on my end and this only started in the last 5 days or so.


    • Drew
      • Cache Me Outside

      What’s kind of peculiar is that the “www” version of my site says the website is up but still no change for the other. I don’t think it has an effect on my site in general, so I am not placing too much priority on it at this moment but will continue to look into it

  • Pawel
    • Staff

    Hello Drew and DigiBlueArc!

    Please try this, since this is an AWS machine (should work for every machine using some sort of firewall, which AWS by default enables) – whitelisting our Uptime IPs. Here’s a list of IPs you may want to add to allow traffic from our hosts:

    Those are for some other services besides Uptime too, so it’s worth adding them too just in case.

    Please check and tell me if this worked.

    Kind regards,


  • Pawel
    • Staff

    Hello Rick!

    Sure, please do. If you are still experiencing those issues after this, please open a new forum ticket so we can handle your case separately. If you do, please link to here so the other supporter knows this may be similar – this will certainly speed up debuging.



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