Uptime/Downtime - Frequent alerts with no actual info

I activated the WPMU Uptime/Downtime feature to alert me when my website goes offline/online. In the last hour, it's been down 5 times. The email says I can get more info from the WPMU plugin by "clicking here" so I go there for no actual information just the times it was down. Is there any way to get further info on why my website is going offline? I have tried reading the error logs however they're not clear cut for me to understand them. It's getting worse and fear of my website becoming broken

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Joe,

    Hope you're doing well today :slight_smile:

    Uptime monitor will ping your site and if it can't reach it it will send the email notification of your site being down, unfortunately it can't find the exact issue and the more info page only shows graph of your site response times and when and for how long your site was not accessible.

    For more info about your site going down so often it would be best getting in touch with your hosting provider and ask them if they can find something in server logs that would tell you what was going on.

    Also, when maintenance is done on server side your site can go down multiple times in short period so you may check with them if they are doing some work on servers that might be causing this for you.

    Let us know what info you managed to gather from them.

    Best regards,

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