Urgent – Bluehost Joke: From professional to professional

Valued WPMU-Support-Team,

please let us urge you for help getting a severe issue fixed. Frankly we are at the end of our tether.


On 2015-07-06 we moved away from shared hosting to VPS. Bluehost took care for the move and implemented our existing application on the new server.

Unfortunately not hassle free. It turned out, the issue that cPanel does not give us an option to have super admin access to the WordPress install in the current VPS. Our old setup gave us the option to setup MULTISITE and for access to our the existing site an one click super admin login directly from cPanel.

Jude your colleague contacted already bluehost on our behalf to get this issue sorted… result please see attached screenshot.

Also last week in order to continue our job Jude were so kind and helped with a workaround as follow:

1) The Workaround – This has nothing to do with Apache. The work around is for being able to access your site via cPanel. I don’t know when it will be fixed .. but your host and MOJO are aware of it and working on it. For now you need to go here to log in …


This is the work around they told me in the chat :smiley:.. I found it funny they called it a workaround too.

2) The Fix – I logged in and disabled the user defined Apache handler. This is something I did because you site was configured wrongly. Whenever you visit the site a download starts with a PHP file … This means Apache was serving PHP instead of processing it and serving HTML.

We contacted several time bluehost to get this fixed. This morning we got the third time (!) the message that bluehost can’t address any problem… (see second screenshot we attach).

Now: It would be so wonderful if one of you highly experienced and as a top-level professional could contact bluehost on our behalf to get the issue solved immediately – ‘with utmost care and highest priority’.

Yeah, we believe if one of you talking to their support they take you serious and don’t play just around with useless words…

Your help in this matter would be so fabulous and we are certainly very grateful for that.

Looking forward hearing from you shortly.

Kind regards.