URGENT – BUG Caused by Changing Event Date!!!

This is URGENT, please.


Vinod was looking at it. Not sure if he is available, but I wanted to draw this to someone’s attention as we’ve been publicising our courses and just found out that with NO BOOKINGS – it is telling anyone who clicks on “I’m Attending” that it has reached “Max Capacity!!!” which is HAS NOT.

It appears to happen if you change the DATE of an event.

This is crazy – especially as there is no way to copy an existing event so you are forced to change the date to avoid having to recreate the whole frigging event.

PLEASE can someone check out the post and create a quick fix or do SOMETHING about it.

I will have to RECREATE ALL THE EVENTS – which is a HUGE WASTE OF TIME – if someone doesn’t sort it today.

Thank you.