URGENT Coursepress last update bug and hidden field

I have updated CoursepressPro but I found several bigs bugs and so, I have downgraded it with the before last version.
Despite it, my wpmu is keeping bugs that I didn't have before updating (broken links etc...).

So now, When I want modify the content of a course, for example I edit a unit and I want add textarea field, then these kind of field are hidden.
I can't modify it (I am super admin!).

In source code, we can see that these field are by default with visibility:hidden.
Sample code here :
<textarea class="cp-editor cp-unit-element wp-editor-area" rows="5" autocomplete="off" cols="40" name="text_module_content[]" id="editor_365" spellcheck="true" style="visibility: hidden; "><p>Cette vidéo vous présente l'inscription sur la plateforme.</p>
<p>Normalement ce qui vous est présenté ici, vous l'avez (presque) déjà fait.</p></textarea>

It appears since the last update i think.

I don't know what it is doing here.
And I don't manage to fix it and how change this visibility to visible.

Any help please ?

Thank you in advance