Urgent: M2P after update does this when logged in users go here


wpmudev dashboard is enabled FYI. subsite is below.

-----beginning of updates since my original post-----

#1 update:
Update a few min later: It is doing this too on non-logged in and logged in vistors. go here and click signup and you will see: http://bit.ly/20A1lMf
Here is a non-logged in screenshot http://screencast.com/t/R0w5iCaQX6E

#2 update:
Update a few MORE min later: I know what is causing it now. It is this: http://screencast.com/t/fJI6LgDpO6 (STRIPE Subcriptions being LIVE). When I disable it then it works fine (after saving a page or post to clear Wordfence cache to check it by the way).

So, with M2P I am absolutely positive the issue is with the Stripe payment gateway.
NOTE: This happened to me with the Stripe single pay gateway earlier even before you most recent update. I gave up on the Stripe single payment gateway and just disabled it totally). Now it looks like it is effecting you Stripe Subscription gateway in M2P too as well.

Please advise asap. I will need to disable so those messages stop showing to visitors. However, if I do without you seeing the issue then you will inevitably come back and say you can not reproduce the problem etc...lol...

Let me know you read this soon so I can disable the Stripe payment gateway and at least people will stop seeing this message and they can use Paypal for now.

-----end of updates----

After update, when logged in users go here http://bit.ly/20A1lMf it does this http://screencast.com/t/zmrEDIDAz59 Who know if other pages if logged in or not do this too?

Can you fix asap?

Please let me know . . .

***People are complaining.

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