Activating new membership users if they dont choose a subscription

I have asked about this in another thread, but as this issue is different than the heading of that thread, I decided to start a new one.

On my site I have Membership installed. I have 2 paid subscriptions with according levels and one level called Visitor (with no access to my content).

I have set the stranger setting in options to Visitor.

I have 2 subscriptions active and public; Silver and Gold.

I have set the default role for new users on my site to Member (guess Membership adds that role, I have tried with subscriber with the same problem, see below).

Visitors can sign up using the membership subscription form Step 1. They get registered BUT two strange things happens:

1. The user is not activated
2. In the confirmation email sent out, no activation link or code is presented.

If a user directly pays for a subscription (SIlver or Gold) he/she gets active and everything works out fine. But, and here is the big issue, If the user for any reason dont sign up for a subscription and leave the Step 2 page, he/she cant login again since the account is not active.

I have my site live and running and therefore need urgent assistant on this issue.