Urgent: Membership Redirect loops - blocking public content since 3.1

About an hour ago I posted the following thread related to a URL group issue I was encountering today in Membership:

Since then, and with further testing, I've encountered a ShowStopping bug in addition to the one listed in that thread.

All non logged in users are now getting caught in a redirect loop and forced to either get sent to the Protected Content page, or just endlessly try to reload it in a loop.

All I've been trying to do is enable a new URL group for a subdomain.

I did however notice (I think this is new?!) the "View site as: *ACCESS LEVEL*" in the Wordpress bar, and tried choosing a lower access lvl while logged into my super admin account. Ever since attempting this, the site is seemingly inaccessible for non logged in users, even myself when on a different browser or an "incognito" window.

We've also started receiving reports from our regular members that the "Membership: Disabled" button in the WP Bar (I was forced to disable it so the site was accessible for now...) is viewable to them, which certainly cannot be the intended functionality? For non-admins to see the Enable/Disable button?

This is an urgent issue, advice greatly appreciated.