Urgent mods and additions to Marketpress needed! Group-funding?

I am addressing this to every Marketpress user out there:

I have a client which needs a couple of improvements and additions to Marketpress. I have made plenty of suggestions which I will link here in a central place.

Since I am in a bit of a rush, I need to get this custom coded and developed.
I was just thinking that as soon as I have a quote I will post the price here together with my contact details and anyone interested and willing to contribute with whatever amount is welcome too.
After I've got the quote I might even whip up a group-funding on my own site using the Fundraiser plugin :slight_smile:

Please only answer here if you are keen on joining forces and have meaningful additions to make to this list.

Mods/additions I need:

sales, percentages and coupon improvements for MarketPress
add category images to Marketpress
please add a grid short code
Certain products require custom data from shoppers
marketpress and user account creation
wish list
multi-level variations: i.e. select size and color of a product

@WPMUDEV team: please let me know if any of this is being worked on and scheduled to be released within 2 weeks as to avoid duplicate efforts.