URGENT: Multi-DB Help Needed Quickly!


I am in need of urgent support help. I made an attempt to set up the Multi-BD on my WP Multi Site to expand and grow.

I had one single database installation prior to the creation of the 4096 database for the Multi-BD Installation.

I have done this successfully before on another WP Multi site with no problem. For some reason I did not see the databases show as I had previously so I tried it again and got an error during the execution process. Now I cannot access my WP site at all and. The 1st (original database is still viewable and the other 4096 are too. But, I cannot reverse what I have done and I cannot access my wp-admin either since it doesn’t recognize where the database is now seems as though the structure got collapsed during the process into a sub hierarchy.

Can someone help me fix this issue I have? This is an urgent matter. I am online now and will be for a while. Any help will be greatly appreciated.