URGENT! Pre-Header Menu items turned black and are Invisible now


Just today, I removed a redirect that sent all users that typed our NEW site name to go to the OLD site. During the time the redirect was active, I could NOT view our HOME page because it has the URL that was being redirected. Since the time the redirect was initiated, there have been MANY changes to the new site, MANY new plugins, SOME custom CSS, new widgets and sidebars, etc.

Upon removing the redirect, I could now see our HOME page. I had made some MINOR changes to the Header Menu, added another box, and had changed a couple items in the pre-header menu, but did not change the color.

NOW you can't see the items in the pre-header menu because they are black. They were white before. I tried to make the CSS change myself to Custom CSS, but it didn't work.

This is the FIRST day my users can actually go to the NEW site, but the link to LOG IN, LOG OUT, etc are not visible because the text is black in the pre-header menu.


I have enabled Support Access and am attaching screenshots on the next post of the OLD pre-header menu, the NEW site pre-header menu (invisible text), the Menu setup, the Custom CSS I tried.