URGENT Spirit update has trashed my live site!!!

I tried to update Spirit to 1.01 and got an "Oops, we can't do that" error message. Support suggested FTP'ing the theme which I did after renaming the old theme folder just in case.

Immediately the site got trashed and has half a page of error messages at the top of the home page about Unknown element type: Uspacer

And at the dashboard I( kept getting a message about how I had to update Upfront to 1.0 (it had previously told me that I had the latest version whenever I had tried to update Upfront) - "You have successfully updated Spirit. Unfortunately, this theme update isn’t compatible with your current version of Upfront so it’s important that you update to Upfront 1.0 now to keep your website running smoothly". Every time I click Update it takes me round in a never-ending loop and never updates and so the site is still trashed.

I tried renaming the theme folder so that the old .02 one was back.

I restored my database from yesterday but the site is still trashed. I can't even click on the support button or do anything without getting the Update Upfront message that goes nowhere.

I need my site back!!!