URGENT Subscribe-by-email plugin my sql errors


We have an URGENT issue with Subscribe-by-email plugin. We have noticed recently that the plugin has been giving lot of database errors which seem to have been chocking our SQL server's with too many queries constantly causing issues with other plugins trying to perform sql queries. There are multiple database errors occurring every few mins on our server due to this plugin and the errors are as below:

WordPress database error Table 'wp_subscriptions_log_table' doesn't exist for query SELECT id FROM wp_subscriptions_log_table WHERE mail_date < 1432876028 /* From [wp.nyu.edu/wp-login.php?action=shibboleth] in [wp-content/plugins/subscribe-by-email/inc/classes/class-campaign.php:310] */

It's trying to perform a database queries of logging errors in wp_subscriptions_log_table which is not present in the database.
Was this table supposed to be created automatically when plugin was installed?
Is there a configuration in the plugin we can use to disable the plugin from logging errors?