Urgent! Subscribe by Email sending false update notifications


I just updated several plugins and checked an image that WordFence listed as recently uploaded, that was actually uploaded a couple of years ago. The image shows the correct upload date, not the new date listed by WordFence.

Then suddenly my server started emailing me sent email limit notifications. I checked the website they were coming from and Subscribe by Email was sending post notification updates on ALL of the posts on the site to ALL of my subscribers. I just now finished deleting 71 pages (1,000+) "Emails in queue" and had already sent over 300 emails.

The site is StrattonFamily.org (strattonfamily.thepromall.com). I have just given you Support access to the site. Please advise.

P.S. I clicked on "update all" when updating the plugins, so not sure which ones were updated.

Chuck S.