My legal club = MLC
My shopping club = MSC
This email relates to the MSC site with references to MLC
I want M2P and the joining process and user experience to be the same on each site with slightly different content of course – systematically the process needs to be the same
I have downloaded M2P on MSC and set up a new stripe account. I have copied the pages on M2P on MLC over to MSC and where appropriate just amended the content.
1. Join now button site in top right hand corner links to sign up page – however on sign up page the content I drafted beneath the sign up box is not appearing on the page (contrary to my legal club where I did exactly the same thing) – in the dashboard for MSC I have done bullet points with benefits of membership that are not appearing on the site
See http://myshoppingclub.co.uk/register-2/
Compare with https://www.mylegalclub.co.uk/join-now/

In the dashboard for MSC when I click settings and use the general tab I have the following headings:

• Membership list
• Registration
• Account
• Protected page
• Thank you page
When you select view page on membership list the bullet points I reference above are shown – why they are not appearing on the sign up page on MSC I don’t know HOWEVER – the page link for MSC says register 2 – with MLC the link is join now and in the M2P dashboard for MLC the headings are different under M2P settings – general
• Memberships (as opposed to membership list on MSC)
• Join now (as opposed to registration)
• Member login (as opposed to account)
• Protected content (as opposed to protected page)
• Registration complete (As opposed to Thank you page)
Why are these headings different on the 2 sites? How do I make MSC have the same headings as MLC in settings – general on M2P? when I use the drop down arrows new page titles are not available?

2. The log in button top right – and existing member log in button does not take me to a link how do I fix this

3. The join now button in the main site (not the top right hand corner) does not take me to sign up

4. When I am in the dashboard for MSC and I select view site under the name my shopping club at the top header it takes me to the site but prevents me from accessing the dashboard – this is different to MLC where I can flick between the two