URGENT: Trident theme has replaced homepage

I do not know when this happened but I am getting slammed with reports now. Somehow the trident theme has replaced my homepage with a default page of unset widget boxes. I had it set as a static page using home but when I went into the theme it was not set anyore. I then set the landing page in the theme to a static page and set it as home but is still shows the widget filled home page with an odd name in the URL tab. I need to fix this ASAP please help. Support access is turned on.

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Dennis,

    Please note that Triden is our legacy theme and at this moment we only provide security fixes for this theme.

    I've checked your website and in Reading Settings there is no static page set. What exact page should be there - Home or different one?
    Did you also change template for this particular page to "Home template"? Because home template has all of this widgets areas.

    kind regards,

  • Dennis

    I had been replying to the email, forgetting I have to post it here sorry...
    Pasting my messages below, and here is a quick summary: basically when I set the page to static in the settings it shows as saved and as the proper page in the preview but I get the widget homepage instead and when I go back in it is not set to static anymore and I can not get it to change...

    I spent a lot of time themeing the site with this theme to get it correct and if I can fix this one item I will not be throwing away all of that work as well as introducing new issues into the site that need to be tested all over again, if you can please help me with this one issue which I do not think will be that difficult I will be forever grateful and you will be saving my butt from the railing I am going to get for wasting a week working with this theme....

    Message 1) I understand you only supply security fixes but I spent a ton of time customizing my site with the only theme through the WPMUDEV them section that seemed appropriate and I am having an issue, if you could help me this once I would be so grateful. This may be a problem other than the theme anyway? None of the other themes worked well with my site as it is more function over form.
    I go into settings and select a static home page with home as the home page and save, it shows saved, it also shows the proper page on the right hand side in the preview. I go into the site at the root level and it loads the home page with all of the widgets, I then go back to the theme settings and it shows it back to not having a static home page set. I looked through the config files and I cannot find where it is getting this testreg page from. I just want to lock the homepage to the static home page.
    If you could please advise on this it will save me days worth of work re-theming the site. It was not doing this last week or so, I do not know if something changed or if the global WPMUDEV settings were updated or what.

    message 2) I do not even understand where it is getting this testreg page from, it was and should be using the home page which is default template, but when I save a static page in the theme settings and it shows in the preview it never takes on the live site.

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