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Hello Support,

I’ve got a multi wordpress installation up, with 6 sites. (isisfbay.org) My client was referencing a subpage on a flyer, and when you enter the url, the site redirects to the index page. Any ideas what is happening?



  • Gabe
    • The Bug Hunter

    Correction, I forgot you said it was a client, so you may not have access to their DNS settings. *.domain.com is a wildcard setting, meaning all subdomains (www is a subdomain) without a specific record will automatically point a CNAME/A Record to a particular hostname/IP address.

    To make it easy on the client (assuming they don’t know what they’re doing), tell them to ask their registrar to point a wildcard subdomain (*domain.com) to the appropriate hostname/IP address.

    You’re basically just trying to make sure their registrar point both the www and non-www to the right place.

  • carol23
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hello All,

    I got some help from Dreamhost and it solved the problem. The wordpress site was set up without the www. The Dreamhost setting for the domain was to accept both www and non-www. So, I had to change the Dreamhost setting to redirect all www prefixes to non-www. That way, both the domain setting and the wordpress setting agreed.

    Thanks everyone for your answers! I appreciate the feedback and support from wpmu.


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