URL Group Bug In Membership RC1

I’m sorry, but this URL group bug still exists in RC1 that popped up in beta4.

I noticed that user “Atlanta” also posted in the previous beta thread about URL groups not being honored starting in beta 4 as well, so this isn’t just me.

Repost from the beta thread:

Posting this as a new thread at the request of Barry

Ok I’ve spent another hour playing with this, and there’s definitely a problem with the negative url groups are not being honored in 3.4.5 beta4. They work fine in beta3.

I have access levels “Free Access” and “Plus Subscriber”

Under Options I have “Stranger Setting” set to the “Free Access” level

In level “Free Access” i have assigned a “Restrict From Free Access” URL group to the “Negative Rules”

Inside the “Restrict From Free Access” in URL Groups I have a list of URLS like this:


That url is still able to be visited by strangers under the “Free Access” level.

As I said, this setup works perfectly under 3.4.5 beta3 and all previous versions.

I have completely deleted the plugin folder on upgrade, and even restarted the server to make sure there were no caching issues.

Hope you can find a fix for this, we rely on this plugin.