URL Structure for new blogs


Complete mu noob by the way, so excuse the dumb questions.

The default URL structure for a new blog is <blogname>.<mu-host-domain>

I would like to use the blogs generated to sit on a domain that is managed elsewhere. i.e. they sit on e.g. blogs.<newdomain> where an existing site already sits on www.'<'newdomain'>'

So the question is, is the subdomain model the only one for sub-blogs?

Or is it possible to configure so that I could host the main mu site on blogs.<other-domain-name> with new blogs having the structure e.g. blogs.<other-domain-name>/blogname/

I'm hosted on inc-sub's service on psek.com - so the current mu domain is managed by their servers. The other domain would not be managed in this way, all we would be able to do is create a new DNS entry called blogs.<other-domain-name>

Is anything like this possible? Not necessarily the solution I outlined, but another method even?

BTW, new blogs will never be set up by users, only by the MU site admin.