Usage tab for Protected content plugin....


Sometimes I donot follow instructions or how-tos therefore I miss some important tips and trucks given.
Now I thought I am going to start as said by the instruction from the Protected contect usage tab but I really lost my way :slight_frown:

I do think I have the right plugin installed and also the right usage tab but I can not get it done the way it is explained......

Am I missing something?


  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, mpress!

    We've done some changing to Protected Content since we've had the docs team overhaul the usage doc, so there may be some missing pieces there. Let's walk this back and see what's going wrong here and see if we can get everything back on track.

    What were you trying to do, and what happened instead?

    Setting up Protected Content works best if you follow this plan:
    1. Plan your memberships first.
    2. Create your membership levels next.
    3. Choose any add ons you might need (like for more advanced media or menu protection, or integrations, etc.)
    4. Decide what content should be seen by which memberships, and assign access as needed, under the Protected Content > Protected Content tab.

    As i understand your project, it's pretty straightforward, so you won't need to use any of the more advanced features, you have a pretty simple plan that should be fairly simple to set up.

    Thanks, mpress!

  • mpress

    Hi @Michelle,

    I think you are talking about my other thread. Yes, Thats a simple one and I think I am getting that the way I want.

    OK, If I understood it correct you choose the pages to be protected after you create a membership, right?
    It looks like now I need to work exactly the other way around comparing to the instructions by the usage tab. Because there it is said to choose first your pages then later in which membership the protected pages will be linked to... Is it correct?
    Sorry, so many questions... but I a newbie to wordpress and I am not technical at all....


  • Michelle Shull

    Heya, mpress!

    We were all newbies once. :slight_smile:

    Setting up memberships first has been simpler for me. That way when I go to the Protected Content, I can click through the different settings one by one, and get the whole site protected as I want in just a short time. I took a picture of my current settings from the protected content tab, which are a bit all over the place right now.

    I always try to start with a sketch of what I want each membership level to see and do, which helps me set up my content protection very easily. Good planning is the biggest key to setting up a more complex membership system. You'll notice the default is for everyone to be able to see everything, things are hidden from some memberships only when access to them has been specifically granted to one or more memberships.

    One hint that is going to help you down the road, too: Go ahead and set up a Visitor level. You do this from the new membership page, just like the others. This allows you to control everything non-registered or non-logged in site viewers can see. You may not end up needing it, but I almost always find a way to use it on my test sites.

    Ask us anything, we're happy to help! :slight_smile:

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