Use Directory plugin for Link Directory

I've acquired your Directory plugin to build a Link Directory website.
After installing it, I've been unable to make it work for that purpose. So before continuing I appreciate your help, advise and instructions, answering to following questions:
1. Is it possible to use Directory plugin for building a Link Directory Website?
2. How can I add URL links to listings?
3. Is it possible for website visitors to add listing without being logged in?
4. How to automatically add snapshot images to listings? (like
5. How can I import/convert existing Wordpress Links to Listings?
Thank you very much!

  • Tom Eagles
    • Syntax Hero


    Hi there Ricardo

    To achieve a full link directory would take a bit of doing to get it to look nice.

    But let me address your questions one at a time.

    1) Yes but if you give me a clear idea of the flow of the process as you see it i can give you an idea as to how much work would be involved.

    2) Basically you would need to create the link directly in the actuall listing or customise the entry form and add an extra item to the directroys listings table and also modify the displays that show them.

    3) You would need to use a role editing plugin assign visitors to that role and then create a custom role in the directory plugin and assign the capablities to it.

    4) Unfortunately again unless you can use a shortcode in the listing itself this would again need to be customised if you can't set it using the featured image.

    5) This would need you to export the links somehow then import them using the custompress import menu.

    Sorry that its all customisation, depending on your php skills etc it is possible.


  • rpinho
    • New Recruit

    Thank you Tom for the fast answer!
    Well, I'm a bit disappointed, because your directory plugin included several features that I needed, and that WP Links doesn't include, like comments, tags, ranking.
    To clarify a bit about my needs, and give an idea of the flow of the process:
    a) My goal it to provide a FREE LINK DIRECTORY for Portuguese Geoportals.
    b) I've been using Wordpresse + Link Directory plugin for that purpose, at: (please have a look)
    c) WP Links and Link Directory are a bit limited, and I want more features for visitors to collaborate on building a strong and reliable Link Directory. Such as: Comments, Ranking, Tags, Broken Links, Likes, etc
    d) My interest in your Directory plugin was obviously to escape from "customisation" of the solution I currently use.

    So, now that you know what I want, could you please let me know:
    1) If I can easily adapt Directory plugin to get the same functionality currently running at: ? How much work will it bee needed?
    2) And after that, can I expect to make the other Directory features (Comments, tags, ranking, etc) work with the resulting Link Directory?
    3) Should I forget about Directory pluging, and try other solutions? Can you recommend any?

  • rpinho
    • New Recruit

    Dear Sirs,
    I'm still waiting for a reply on this subject.
    If your product can't solve my need, is it possible to get my Premium WPMU DEV Membership payment back? And cancel my subscription?
    Thank you,
    Best regards,

  • Tom Eagles
    • Syntax Hero


    Many apologies for the delay, I Have just got back to work after being off sick for two weeks unfortunately and am racing to catch up. Let me tag the developer @Arnold on this one to see if he has any input on the amount of work needed as he would be in the best position to answer this,


  • Arnold
    • El Macho WP

    Directory is not really suited to what you want. A list of directory entries would b the titles of those entries and the titles would link to pages of those directory entries. Not to an outside link.

    Also people have to be logged in to enter if for no other reason than to keep people form editing others entries.

    Wordpress already has a Links mechanism in it which would probably be more suited as a starting point.

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