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Hi there.
I am struggling with editing posts in Panino. Not the content. But I would like to have a sidebar with each post basically. I tried Custom Sidebar Pro but it appears to have no real effect in Panino. At least I can't chose a Sidebar to be added to the post in the WP editor.

Looking at Upfront Part 7: Working With Pages and Posts it seems to be possible to use elements on posts but I can only get it to work on pages not posts. When editing a post all elements slide out of the screen so they are not available.

I am not dead set on using elements as a solution to the problem. All I need is a sidbar with widgets when displaying posts.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Peter,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Our Upfront theme (and as a result its child themes such as Panino) does not support WP sidebars so Custom Sidebars will not take any effect here. The way to create a "side wide" sidebar would be to use a "global region".

    Here's what you may want to do to create a "sidebar" that would be displayed along each post and that will include any widgets of your choice (from widgets currently available on your site):

    1. Open any blog post in your browser and then enable Upfront editor by clicking on "Upfront" link in your admin toolbar

    2. Scroll down so you see the post and hover mouse pointer over it; you'll find a dark-blue triangle icon (with "pen" inside) in top-right corner of that region; click on it

    3. Depending whether you'd like your "sidebar" to be located on the left or on the right side of the post content, please click on the yellow "+" icon on the left or right border

    4. In a popup that shows up, please put a name of your choice (e.g. "Post Sidebar") in a text-field right under "New Region" label and check the "Make this a Global Region" check-box; then click "OK".

    5. The new region will show up; (optional) click on gray "gear" settings icon in its top right corner in order to set its background and top and bottom paddings; click "OK"

    6. Click on "Finish editing background" button.

    7. Now drag and drop a "widget element" to that space where you created a new region, selected needed widget from drop-down list and configure its options; repeat this step until you fill your "sidebar" with all necessary widgets.

    8. Finally, while saving entire Upfront another prompt will popup asking: "Do you wih to save layout just for this post or apply it to all posts?". Select "All posts of this type".

    That's all. From now on there should be a nice "sidebar" added to all posts. Furthermore, in case you'd like to re-use the very same sidebar (with the same widgets) for pages or archive pages:

    - follow steps 1 - 3
    - in step 4 instead of putting name under "New Region" label etc, simply select "Post SIdebar" (or whatever name you gave it previously) from the drop-down list in the right column. Your "sidebar" (global region) will be fetched automatically with all its settings (including widgets and its settings).

    I hope that helps!

    Best regards,

  • Peter

    Hi Adam,

    thank you for the detailed answer. I had some trouble finding my post. Meant to add that I had found the solution and close the thread.

    The thing that threw me off track was the unsuspected behaviour in the Upfront editor. Usually you can see all the elements in the left sidebar. But when you are editing a post the work flow changes. First I suppose it is meant for best possible editing of your post's content so that's why all the elements and layout editing options disappear and you have to click on Update or I guess any of the buttons in the pop up that appears on chosing to edit a post. After that you are back to having your Upfront elements to play with and the world is saved. :slight_smile:

    First steps with a new complex tool. Always has some surprises in store.

    Thanks again,

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