Use existing map (Saved Google Maps)

Google Maps has this feature that lets the user save a map, which can then be collaboratively edited with other users. Can this plugin use the maps that I've already saved on Google Maps?

  • Vladislav
    • Dead Eye Dev


    The latest plugin release (v2.3, just released) comes with two new Add-ons that allow for KML overlays support and KML file uploads.

    The one named "KML Overlay" is the core KML support add-on. It will allow you to overlay an existing KML over yor map, by providing an URL. There are two basic ways of giving your map a KML overlay using this add-on: 1) by adding a KML URL in map options dialog, in map editor interface, and/or 2) by using the new "kml_url" shortcode attribute (note that you have to have "KML Overlay" add-on activated for either of these to work).

    The "kml_url" shortcode attribute accepts a KML file URL, and will overlay it over a map. This attribute can also be used as standalone (i.e. a map doesn’t need to previously exist to overlay a KML over it), as well as with existing maps. E.g.:

    [map id="3" kml_url="" width="100%" height="300"]

    The other add-on, KML Uploader, further extends the functionality of KML Overlay by allowing users to upload KML files and easily use them in map options. KML Uploader add-on requires KML Uploader to be activated first. After it has been activated, users can upload their own KMLs and access them in map options dialog.

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