Use External Permalinks -- won't open in new window

I'm using the Autoblog "Use External Permalinks" add-on so that my post titles automatically link to the original source. The link is fine--I was expecting to hard-code that part, but this couldn't be easier :slight_smile:

However, it is imperative that the original source open in a new browser window, but that doesn't seem to be working. I have the "Open links in popup" add-on activated, and under the feed settings, in the Open Link in Popup section, the checkbox for "Do you want to turn off this feature" is NOT checked.

Am I missing something? Or does this plugin only affect the original source link that would appear in the post body, and not the post title? If it doesn't work on the post title link to the original source, I assume I'll need to modify my theme to hard-code an open in new browser window?