Use feature image for product but not in large display

I can't figure out how to use a feature image so that a thumbnail shows up on a product category page:
(notice first image left side -- Personalized Pet Portrait)
but not have the feature image appear on the large product page. For the Personalized Pet Portraits product for each breed, I will need to use the Photospace image gallery plugin to display 3 thumbnails with a large image. As you can see at
the featured image is automatically showing up and then the Photospace image gallery below the feature image. If I do not set a feature image, the thumbnail doesn't show on the product category (cocker spaniel) page.

For all the other products, I don't need to use Photospace so the feature image works great.

Can I disable the feature image from showing up on the large product page by somehow referencing the product ID in the code for this page? This plugin is fantastic -- my client has a special need that I haven't been able to talk her out of! As always, thanks for your continued support.