Use multiple folders for plugins

I just got struck off by a thought today if we can use different folders for using wordpress plugins. It would be so good if we can use different folders for categorizing plugins or anything according to our wishes.
For an example, we may use " wp-content/plugins/seo " for plugins related to SEO & wp-content/plugins/entertainment " for plugins related to Entertainment.
If it could be done it would be easier for admin to find a plugin from thousands of installed plugins.

Is it possible to do that if yes then please tell me how.

  • Vaughan

    Hi @blogcopter

    welcome to the community.

    currently that's not possible, it would need some extensive changes to wordpress itself. though i'm not convinced of it's necessity myself. I think that would be more for a discussion over at with the wordpress developers being as it would require changes to the core to be able to do it.

    sorry I can't help more. let us know if you require anymore assistance, or indeed if you have any great inspirational ideas for our plugins or even a new plugin itself tho. creative thinking doesn't always get you somewhere, but sometimes that 1 idea can turn into a gem.


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