Use real names for the messaging-plugin, not usernames - is that possible?

If you look at this plugin - you see, that someone managed to create a messaging system for WordPress using real names (in notification Emails - and when decide on whom to send a message you even have a complete list of all registered users who have messaging capability). Is there any chance to get a feature like this for the wpmudev-plugin "Messaging", too? Would be very helpful, as the free plugin mentioned seems to be abandoned (last update 2012)... Thanks!

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Matthias,

    Thanks for the question! That would be a pretty cool feature actually, make it more professional/personable. It would still have to be sent via username just because those are always unique; however, maybe their display name could be added as a variable for the notification emails.

    I'm making sure this is n the feature requests under messaging so the dev will see it and can consider it for a future update :slight_smile: Perhaps some other users will chime in too and show some support.

    Thanks for the feature request Matthias!


    • Matthias

      You are very welcome, Tyler.

      About the "send" - I think in the list where you can choose whom to send to, the usernames are only "masked" by the display names. Because you choose there a display name to send to (very helpful if you don´t know the username...), but if you reply to a message there can be seen >>'username' wrote<< above the quote..

      I also see that such a display names list may have to be optional as for huge networks there can be the problem of several people having the same display name... but if you had that list and just could switch between "list of usernames" and "list of display names".... my dream :wink:

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