Use same BuddyPress avatar on all subsites

I’m using Buddypress and BBPress on a multisite and I want the users to have accounts on all sites, activating them all network wide. I’ve also added the plugin Join my multisite and is working well. However, the avatars are different on each subsite.

I’ve noticed when testing it that my account has an avatar on the main site and then a different one on a subsite. I tried deleting the avatars and uploading again, since now the other settings are correct, but no luck. I’m using the default BuddyPress avatar functions.

I was wondering if there’s a way for users to just have one avatar for all sites (I don’t want them to have to use Gravatar account, but default BuddyPress settings).

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Marc,

    By default WordPress multisite uses one central “spot” for all of the registered users, so setting profile picture is global by default as there’s only one account registered.

    Do you have any other plugins that are affecting how your profiles are behaving on subsites?

    That could be causing this different behavior on your installation compared to default workflow.

    Can you try leaving only bbPress and BuddyPress active and see if the avatar is updated across your network?

    Best regards,


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