Use Signup Code on Anti-splog Reg Page?

Hi There!

Can you tell me if the Signup Code plugin will work on the Anti-splog random signup page?

In other words, will Signup Code render the necessary field and functions to apply the code on the randomly generated USER registration page when using the option to move wp-signup?

We use Anti-splog and are getting numerous spam user registrations daily. I have searched for ways to implement a captcha at the User registration step on the Anti-splog signup page, but nothing is working. I read how Aaron mentioned this is difficult due to the way WordPress handles registration…so I am hoping Signup Code will work with Anti-splog so we can stop the spam user registrations, in addition to splogs.

If not, please consider this a feature request or and/or provide some instructions for adding a call for the Signup Code function on ust-wp-signup.php so we can add the field, requiring a human to enter a code.

Thank you!


  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Jim,

    Hope you had a nice weekend :slight_smile:

    Anti-Splog simply changes the URL of the page, the functionality is untouched so the Signup Code will render and work properly on new URL created by Anti-Splog.

    I have tested this on my installation just now to confirm that it works fine and I didn’t experience any issues.

    Best regards,


  • jcnjr
    • HummingBird

    Predrag Dubajic

    Thank you for the quick reply! This is great news. I have just activated Signup Code and confirmed the field and functions work on the random Anti-splog signup page.

    NOTE: For anyone researching how to stop spam user registrations with Anti-Splog activated…

    Since my sole intent here was to stop spam bot user registrations on the Anti-Splog signup page, here is how I did it using Signup Code:

    1. Network Activate Signup Code

    2. Enter code on settings page.

    3. Edit ust-wp-signup.php with a note including the signup code at /wp-content/plugins/anti-splog/includes/ust-wp-signup.php

    This way, only a human could/would read the note on the page and manually enter the code.

    Over the past few weeks, we have been getting numerous new users daily who did not create sites. After being unable to successfully implement reCaptcha on the User registration step of the Anti-Splog signup process, I’m happy to report that using Signup Code this way appears to have stopped the bots. Perhaps not it’s intended use, but…so far so good!

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